Jean Kasem: Keep Your Feet On the Ground and Keep Reaching For the Tartare

And in the “News Of the Bizarre” category…the winner is…The Casey Kasem Family Feud!


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As 82 year old radio personality Casey Kasem’s health continues to decline, his daughter Kerri and second wife Jean’s bitter feud concerning his health care continues to escalate.

Kasem, former host of the long running weekend radio institution “American Top 40″, “Casey’s Top 40″, and the voice of Scooby Doo character Shaggy, suffers from Lewy body dementia - the second most common form of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s disease, causing a progressive decline in mental dementia.

For a year, the women have been embroiled in a bitter disagreement over who would manage Kasem’s medical care.  In a court order last May, Kerri Kasem was awarded a California court order. becoming temporary conservator for her father.  Soon after, he went missing and was found days later in Washington state with Jean, his wife of 33 years, in a case of long distance dedication.


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On Friday, a Washington judge granted Kerri Kasem permission to escort her father to a doctor, but when she arrived at the home of Jean and Casey on Sunday morning with an ambulance to take him to the hospital, Jean walked down the driveway and lobbed raw meat at Kerri while muttering quotes from King David of The Bible; something about “throwing meat to the dogs”. 

As with most unfortunate incidents in this day and age, much of it was captured on videotape and made public.  And apparently, emotions are not the only things served up raw in this family. According to Kerri Kasem, the meat in question turned out to be a pound of hamburger.

At this point, the chances that Jean will be taken seriously seem lean at best.


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Recognizing the stakes were high, Kerri Kasem took her stepmother to California court weeks ago, where she was awarded durable power of attorney and health care directive.  Jean Kasem was ordered to surrender her husband’s passport, also ordering that the former radio announcer be prohibited from travel without a court order.

Kasem has two other children, daughter Julie and son Mike. Julie and her husband had Casey sign papers in 2007 granting them permission to handle his medical care in the event he was unable to make critical decisions, but the siblings claim that their stepmother has prevented them from seeing their father for the past three years.  Casey Kasem retired in 2009.


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A hearing is scheduled for June 20, where it will be decided if Kerri Kasem’s temporary conservatorship will be made permanent.

NBC News reports that on Wednesday, Jean Kasem filed court papers, which included a letter from his physician stating that his condition has worsened since he was taken to Washington.  For her part, Jean has given no reason for shutting her husband’s family out of participating in the management of his health care, but it has been speculated that she is accusing the radio icon’s children of going after their father’s $80 million dollar fortune.

All indications would point to the fact that she is a USDA Prime Grade A Bitch in need of a Scooby smack.

And Thursday night, CNN reported that since Wednesday, Kasem has been alert, but in critical condition at St. Anthony Hospital in Washington, and that these could be his final hours.  As such, both sides of the family are permitted to spend as much time as possible with Kasem at the same time, but they must not communicate with each other. Jean Kasem was escorted out of the hospital Wednesday for causing a scene when she sobbed loudly at his bedside.

When asked if this sort of thing has happened before, hospital would only say that it was extremely rare.

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