How Much TV Is Too Much TV?

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Some people are too busy to watch TV, some people prefer to listen to the radio, some prefer quiet (uh, who?), some are online all the time, some do other things like that newfangled “reading”… and some of us watch TV.

Some watch too much TV. I may be one of them — love movies and TV, watch while reading or working or writing. It relaxes me. And drives my husband crazy.

There’s lots to watch — House Of Cards, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, Sherlock, The Good Wife, Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge, Glee, news, interviews, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, and so much more.

So how much is too much?

I truly don’t know how much TV I watch. And I don’t think I want to… but if I did want to I could, courtesy of a new gimmicky website.

The idea makes me cringe.



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If you want to know how much TV you watch, go to the website and enter in which shows you watch, for how many seasons each, it works out number of episodes and lengths, and it keeps a running total of days and hours you have watched TV.

And then of course it offers to publish your number on twitter.

Yep, I did it. My number? Not so much. Maybe… but it is not accurate, because in truth I have been home weaving shawls for the homeless rather than watching Seth Meyers every night. Okay that of course is totally wrong… the number is not accurate because when I say I have been watching The Big Bang Theory for six years, it calculates six seasons by 22 episodes by 22 minutes, assuming I have seen every episode once. WRONG! I have missed a total of three… and seen the others between four and eight times each, so in reality I have been watching The Big Bang Theory for 35 years. And don’t get me started on Friends. Take that, internet accuracy!

It’s actually not my TV viewing I’m worried about here… keep your eyes open for the tweet from the scary shut-in who has been watching Jerry Springer five days a week for 18 years… and sees someone with a higher number so decides to amp it up with high doses of Fox News… what is his take on reality?

TV makes me happy…though I do feel better about watching those singing 30 year olds pretending to be Glee teens more when I am watching from the treadmill.  Hey, do I get hours of credit for that?

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